York Rally 2020 cancelled

York Rally 2020 CANCELLED

We regret to announce that the 2020 York Rally has been cancelled. We are in the process of refunding all bookings in full. A further announcement with full details will be made shortly.

The York Rally Committee

2 Replies to “York Rally 2020 cancelled”

  1. Hello!,

    Sorry that the 2020 York Rally is cancelled, but were any badges produced? I would like to buy one if there are any and so continue to help fund the committee.

    I would be grateful for your reply.

    David Pollard

  2. Hi David, thanks for asking! Sadly no, we didn’t get as far as producing any 2020 badges before the decision was taken to cancel. But we are very grateful for your wish to support! Just in case you’re not already aware, we do have a supporter’s club, the Friends of York Rally, and all support is very much appreciated!

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