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  1. I might be having a daft moment but are you saying to post my address to you but use paypal for payment? Should I quote the time of payment?

    Do you accept cheque?
    Can I put my details in the comment box before the ‘cart’ starts?
    Do you get you get to see my delivery address I type in the first bit of the cart?


  2. Hi David, not at all, most likely my fault for not making it clearer! I’ll look at re-wording it once I’ve done this reply…

    There are two options:

    – By post: for this download the form (which has the postal address on) and fill it in and send off with a cheque. The address is: Rachel Thompson, York Rally Treasurer, c/o 32 Scholemoor Road, Bradford, BD7 2PD. Please make cheques payable to “York Rally”. No need to involve Paypal at all. Cheques are very welcome 🙂

    – By Paypal: for this you add a contribution to the shopping cart using the buttons above – the screen will then show the cart. You can add comments etc here, but address etc details are requested on the next stage.
    When you are done adding items, click the ‘go to checkout’ button and the screen there will request your name and address. Then when you press ‘continue’ it will go to a confirmation page (no payment taken yet). Then click ‘continue’ again and it’ll take you to Paypal for the actual payment. If you have an account at PayPal you can sign in, or if not just do the card payment without an account. Finally there’ll be a ‘complete’ page, and you’ll receive email confirmation of the transaction.

    Hope that’s all clear – any questions just ask!

  3. If there are insuficient funds to run the rally what will happen to the money already donated ?

    1. I’ve asked the rest of the committee to give the ‘official’ version ASAP but thought I’d best reply at once. Basically I believe the idea is that we’re not spending any money at all until the Rally is definitely going ahead i.e. we have raised enough to cover insurance, venue hire and toilets.

      So if at any point before that it is cancelled, contributions can be returned in full. After that, the Rally is definitely going ahead.

      To date the committee has not spent a penny, quite literally. Any expenses so far have been met as donations by committee members (sportive set-up fee, the banner, postage, leaflets, cards, website hosting etc) so the Rally account has not been touched.

      I suppose strictly speaking there will have been some transaction costs to Paypal which will have come out of the donated total but that’s it.

      Hope that clarifies. Rachel the treasurer can maybe confirm but I believe the total raised to date is now just about into four figures; I’m not sure what the minimum go-ahead target is (we’re waiting on insurance quotes etc) but there’s still a long way to go. The Sportive and (once they’re sorted out) earlybird campsite bookings should get us there, though, we’re pretty sure.

      1. Just to let you know this is still being discussed amongst the committee – we’d definitely like to offer some way for clubs to support the Rally, but it’s not yet clear whether that’s best done via the existing Friends arrangement or not. Thanks for bearing with us!

  4. Hi Peter.
    Great that the rally will be back, me and some friends had the alternative rally for 2013 and 2014, which was better than nothing. Do you know if there will be the traditional family entertainment on the Saturday night? We always felt that The Foresters really completed the whole event! If its any help I have a contact email & phone number for Stephen Marshall which I believe are current. If you are interested, let me know & I will email them to you, rather than put them on-site.

    1. Hi Malcolm, thanks! Evening entertainment came up at today’s meeting actually. We really do have to make sure we can pay for our core costs before spending anything on entertainment, but subject to it being affordable (and campsite bookings are going well) I think the idea is indeed to invite the Foresters, although someone said they were pretty much retired now… Pretty sure between us we do have the contact details, but if you could send what you have to too that would be great…

  5. Hi,
    I would like to give you a little bit of advice that might help the brilliant job that you guys are doing. Your website states ‘The committee is clear that every penny counts, and no money can be spent that has not been raised. In this spirit committee members have agreed not to claim expenses (travel, phones, stationary, postage, etc.). ‘
    A better way to use this generosity is for ALL volunteer and committee members to CLAIM ALL expenses. Then donate them back to the organisation. The organisation can then also claim gift aid on the donations.
    This is common practice amongst larger charities.
    I hope this helps and also hope to see you all in June.

    1. Many thanks for this – that has not occurred to us! At least nobody has mentioned it that I recall. I’ll draw the attention of the committee to this, it does sound like a good idea! We are not a charity, though, at least not yet, although longer term we may become one.

  6. In response to the suggestion of Gift Aid. It is only practical for registered charities,
    At the moment the York Rally is not a registered charity. There are reasons for that, one being the expense of being a registered charity outweighs the benefits, also the extra hassle of complying with the demands and expectations of the Charities Act.

    1. It may be worthwhile creating a CIO or Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This arrangement has the major benefit that the Trustees obtain the same Limited Liability as a Company, and are not personally liable for any debts which the CIO incurs.
      Consider that if negligence causes a visitor or volunteer to be seriously injured or killed, and any event insurance that you may have refuses to meet a claim, then the Committee members would become personally liable.
      I’m trying to persuade my Community Hall to convert to a CIO, because I don’t want someone to raid my pension pot in the event of a successful claim.

  7. This sounds great!

    My friend and I attended Eroica Brittania last year and are were looking for another ride to attend on our steel bikes as they have made it far too expensive!

    We loved getting out on the old vintage bikes and not having to spend a fortune to do it so this could be an amazing event!

    We would love to come and join. what kind of numbers are you expecting?

    As well as the 100K I like the sound of the pub ride too!!!


    1. Hi Alan, you’re very welcome! We certainly aim to give great value – with free entry, prices start at £0 🙂 Very hard to say re numbers – it’s likely to be several thousand all in, though. There’s always been a very strong contingent of vintage cycles (several vintage cycle clubs attend and put on displays) and gazillions of classic steel frames too – so far there’s no specific ride set up for that but there could be if there was demand – might be worth emailing our Rides Co-ordinator Gary about that – 🙂

    1. Hi John, just checked with Dave Bishop who is organising the racing.

      He says: “We will organise tandem racing if two or more tandems enter. The more entries we receive the more races we can put on.”

      As yet, we don’t have any tandem entries, but some would be most welcome!

  8. Hi,

    I have just picked up a flier on the York Rally.
    I have a Sun Wasp tandem (approx 1949 I think for sale). Mostly original parts, I think, except for some brake parts. It hasn’t been ridden for 25 years. Any idea what it might fetch at auction or let me know where I could find out?
    Do I bring it along and register it on the day? Is it the sort of thing that would sell or st least add interest to the day?
    Roger Bilsby

    1. Hi Roger, it certainly sounds like the sort of thing that would be of great interest at the auction. There are a lot of historic cycle enthusiasts at the Rally usually. Unfortunately I’m not one of them, and have no idea what it might fetch! I’ll ask but meanwhile maybe someone at the V-CC could advise? Yes, please do just bring it along and register it for the auction on the day! All the best, Peter

  9. Hello

    I’d like both badges as illustrated from the 2015 Rally. How much
    is the Friends badge ?

    1. Hi Malcolm, the Friends badge is free of charge when you join the Friends of York Rally, which treasurer Rachel tells me you’ve already done. So one will be on its way to you shortly… You’ll need to order the 2015 badge separately, though.

  10. Hello again
    I’ve tried to order the 2015 badge tonight, using my Pay Pal Acc but the password has been rejected. I then tried my Debit Card this was rejected on the grounds that I check my details again which I have done a number of times and then I had the same response when trying my credit card. Can I pay by cheque ?

    1. No problem – sorry that the site isn’t accepting the cards, can’t see any obvious reason this end. Please make cheques payable to ‘York Rally’ and send to:

      Rachel Thompson
      Treasurer, York Rally
      32 Scholemoor Road
      BD7 2PD

      We will also have some for sale at the 2016 Rally – I don’t think there’s any danger of selling out – so you could pick one up for cash then if you’re coming!

      1. Hello Peter
        Thanks for reply. I will be at the Rally but I’ll order one from
        Rachel beforehand.

  11. Hello!

    For the U16 race, will I need a licence from British Cycling?
    Or can I just turn up on the day with a bike, helmet and just go for it?

    Thanks, Angus.

    1. Hi Angus, sorry for the slow reply! I’ve been waiting for the answer from Dave Bishop, the grasstrack organiser, but I’ve just found out he is away on holiday. I’ll get back with an answer ASAP when he’s back…. All the best, Peter

    2. Hi Angus, Dave’s now back and says “Saturday Grass Track schoolboy riders will need a BC Licence and this can be obtained on the day if necessary. Cycles need to have a fixed wheel and NO brakes. Helmets must be worn at all times. Entry form and parental consent form can be found on the BC website.” Hope that’s all you need! Cheers Peter

  12. HI Peter – is this the same for U 8s
    my 6 year old daughter likes to ride – can she do the race on her normal bike and does she need a licence? – we can’t really go to the expense of fixed wheel at this stage even if there was one available but want to introduce her to racing

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Jan, again I’d best double check re the grasstrack but I’m pretty sure there will be opportunities :-). There’s also a British Cycling Go-Ride area and they will be offering free mini races and skills sessions for all ages under 16 – her normal bike will be fine, and bring a helmet if possible (but they can provide too). That’s 11-4 on Saturday and 1-4 on Sunday IIRC. At 11-12 on Saturday there’s also a cycle speedway ‘come and try’ session – I know fixed bikes are provided and kids welcome but not sure of the age range. Then on Sunday morning the Cyclo-Cross has classes down to under 8s and again normal bikes are fine 🙂

    1. Yes David it is not a problem to send a cheque, can you please make it payable to “York Rally” & send it to York Rally c/o 32 Scholemoor Road, Bradford, BD7 2PD, with a short covering note, & I will get it sent out.

  13. I understand that the Touring Cyclists Club are to be present at the 2017 York Rally. Please drop in and talk to them, this is a bold venture by touring cyclists who are establishing a national touring club for cyclists. We currently don’t have one at the moment and the membership rates are extremely reasonable.

  14. The RSF (Rough Stuff Fellowship) Off-Road Cycling Club will be at the 2017 Rally. Please drop in and find out what we are all about at our stand in the marquee. We’ll also be putting on a couple of rides so please join us.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam
    I posted a chequer for the value of £21 pound before the 1st of January but have not revived any confirmation of the booking.
    Yours Sincerely
    Michael Steel

    1. Hi Michael, I have passed your note to the campsite team – they’ll get back to you ASAP! Feel free to email them direct at any time on if you (or anyone else) has a booking query. Hope we’ll see you in June!

    1. We do! I’m fairly certain at least one tandem-specific ride is already planned for this year. I’ve emailed our Rides Co-ordinator Gary on to check and will let you know ASAP. Also, new rides and ride leaders are always very welcome, so if you fancy running a tandem ride yourself do let us know 🙂

      1. Just to confirm that there will be the traditional tandem-specific ride on the Saturday, led by Dave and Lydia Falkingham, and Gary also mentions that most of the rides from the Rally are suitable for tandems.

  16. Good Day,
    Our first time coming to this event.
    Two things, how far from the rail station is the event, and are dogs allowed in the event.
    Many thanks!,

    1. Hi Keith, it’s about a 15-20 minute walk from the station, or under 10 minutes by bike. Dogs are no problem, with a few provisos, listed on our FAQ page:

      Dogs are permitted in all areas of the York Rally site except for any condoned off areas, including the arena and any other areas from which the general public is excluded and, with exception of assistance dogs, in the marquees or in the vicinity of catering areas. Dogs must be kept under close control and keepers are requested to refrain from using extending leads in all camping, trade/exhibition areas, other circulation areas and designated access routes. All waste from dogs must be disposed of appropriately and certainly not in the recycle bins.

      Hope that’s what you need, look forward to seeing you there!

  17. I’m coming on the Saturday as light weight I’m 17 and stopping along side with a motohome how much will it cost for me for the one night

    1. Hi Tom, could you phone the Rally mobile please on 07467 321 443 for this? The campsite team are now on site…

  18. Thanks everyone for your work to make this year’s event enjoyable. Numbers appeared reduced but please persevere. Attended decades ago with my Dad and the past 3 years with the RSF.
    Not sure if this will help but as a recently retired cycle shop owner I wonder if you could widen your clientele. Looking around the campsite etc there was the traditional niche of tandems, trikes, tourers etc. As, for ever, hoping to grab a bargain. The local “recycling stalls ” had bits we usually scrapped so most scrounges could get the bits at home for almost nothing if they were prepared to pay for the repair skills of their local IBD.
    I saw no attempt to attract the modern sportif wannabe. They are the dominant cash rich riders and younger. Your clientele, like me are ageing and passing on.
    Not a lot has changed since my Dad brought me to York some 50 years ago. Hope this is constructive rather than criticism.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Jackie, a useful point! Will pass on to the team for discussion at the next meeting 🙂

  19. A big ‘thank you’ to the Rally Committee, other helpers and organisers for another successful Rally this year. I have been to every Rally since 1980 and although the numbers are not at the level they were pre-2000 (the fiasco year), there is an increase year on year since re-introduced three years ago, the dry weather will have helped too. Keep up the good work and looking forward to York Rally in 2018.

  20. Hi I’ve already booked my motorist pitch for 1. How do I add another camper staying on my pitch please?

    Would it be easier online or just paying the extra on the Friday when I (we) arrive?

    1. Thanks Chris – we’ve also emailed you – paying the extra on arrival is probably best!

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