2018 York Rally: post-rally round-up

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Dear fellow cyclist,

Many thanks for being part of the 2018 Rally! This email is to let you know about lost property found when we cleared the site, let you know provisional dates for next year, and for those of you who camped, to apologise for some aspects of the campsite experience which we'll definitely be improving for the next Rally.

(1) Lost properly
We recovered the following from the site. If any is yours, please contact us with a brief description and we'll return it to you:
- a mobile phone
- a purse
- a set of three keys
- a USB cord
- a drinks bottle
- a child's hat

(2) Next year's provisional dates: 22-23 June 2019.
The provisional dates for the York Rally 2019 weekend are 22-23 June 2019, but we can’t confirm that completely until the horse racing calendar is finalised. Please sign up for our email newsletter, watch our website, or our Facebook and Twitter accounts, for updates!

(3) Apologies and planned fixes for next year
  • Queues at the entrance on Friday
    Apologies to any campers, especially pre-booked, who had a long wait to check in on Friday afternoon. With the settled fine weather we had many more pre-booked than usual, and also considerably more people arrived early. Next year we'll have more, separate queues for pre-booked campers, a larger check-in tent, and (we hope - see below) more volunteers on hand to help check people in.
  • Difficulties with showers
    Apologies that all or some of the showers were out of action at times during the Rally when they should have been open. We only found out when we arrived on site that the usual water supply was unavailable, so the shower units were being filled by a single 15mm pipe, which simply could not keep up with demand. York Racecourse have been very helpful ensuring availability of our water supplies and we'll work with them to find a solution for next year.
  • Rock and Roll band power problems
    Apologies to our excellent new rock and roll band The Sonics for the power problems that delayed the start of their performance, and meant it was cut short later. This was mainly due to unexpectedly high power loads from caterers 'maxing out' the generator capacity we had available. Next year we'll have a generous safety margin.
(4) Saddlebag Sale – save up your donations!
This year, as you will have seen, we had a table set aside outside the Saddlebag Sale cycle jumble for donated cycling gear, which was sold to raise funds for the Rally. This raised a tremendous £450 (plus we're hoping to raise a little more by selling some high value items on Ebay), and we're hoping that next year we can raise even more.

So please do save up any unwanted parts and accessories, good condition clothing and even complete bikes which you might like to donate to help the Rally. Simply bring your donations to next year's Rally - or we can also accept them at any of our regular planning meetings, at which all are welcome. We're still finalising the dates & details of the next meeting - we may change to a new venue - but the latest info on meetings is always shown on the 'Committee' page of the York Rally website.

(5) Could you arrive a day or two early next year and volunteer?
We're always short of volunteers to help out in the few days before the Rally opens, to set up the site - especially as many of our 'regulars' are no longer in the first flush of youth! So if anyone can arrive early and doesn't mind helping out with some physical work, please do get in touch! We have access to the site from the Wednesday morning before the Rally. Extra volunteers who might be able to arrive early and help with campsite check-in would also be extremely welcome. If you could help, please sign up here: volunteer information.

(6) Did you take pictures or video? We'd love to see it...
We've already uploaded some pictures (including drone footage!) from the 2018 Rally here on our website but more images are always extremely useful, for the website and publicity in general, especially for aspects of the Rally not yet covered (e.g. out on rides, the church service, auction etc.). And video of Rally activities would be great, too. If you have any images or footage and wouldn't mind us using it, please send it at the highest resolution you have to publicity@yorkrally.org either by email (up to about 10 Mb) or for larger files (up to 2 Gb!) using the free and easy wetransfer service - just select the 'free' option.

And finally
Thanks to all of you who have already given us feedback, or posted on social media, after this year's Rally. We pass all comments around the whole team and all of your feedback is very much appreciated!

And of course, huge thanks to all of 2018's volunteers, cleaners, caterers, contractors, suppliers, exhibitors, performers, talks speakers, racers and race organisers, ride leaders, campers and participants. We're looking forward to welcoming you again next year!

Yours sincerely,
The York Rally Team
E-mail: info@yorkrally.org

Sent for the York Rally by
Peter Eland, Publicity Officer, York Rally
E-mail publicity@yorkrally.org