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York Rally 2020 CANCELLED

We regret to announce that the 2020 York Rally has been cancelled and campsite bookings are therefore closed. We are in the process of refunding all bookings in full. A further announcement with full details will be made shortly.
The York Rally Committee

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  1. hi I’ve just been speaking to paul reed – about the june bike/camping event. Im really hoping to get there my disabilities: epilepsy ( i only have night time seizures and i have emergency meds to stop it – long story) and autism sometimes cause me problems so getting there may be a last minute thing –

    regards peter street

    1. Hi Peter, hope you can make it! We won’t run out of space so no problem just turning up on the day if you have to… Cheers Peter

  2. The prices listed today are early bird
    prices. Can you tell me what the lightweight pitch price will be if we just turn up so I know what I will be saving by booking early?

    1. Sorry for the delay, just making absolutely sure I got the correct figures!
      On the day prices are:
      Motorist: £32; extra adults: £17
      Lightweight: £27; extra adults: £12
      Extra children (U18) always £5 and toddlers (U5) always free

  3. I am planning to cycle down as a lightweight camper, what facilities do you have to help keep my cycle secure? I will have a good U lock and cable with me. Certainly spoil my weekend if the bike got stolen and it seems to be on the increase as cycling increases in popularity thieves know there is a market for their ill gotten gains.

    1. Hi Ron, good question! We place sets of heavy interlocking metal barriers in and around the lightweight camping area for people to lock their bikes to – see e.g. here for a picture. We also have a security company on site throughout the Rally and patrolling regularly through the night. It’s not possible for us to guarantee total security on an open site like the Knavesmire but for what it’s worth, in the four years the new team has been running the Rally we have had only two bikes stolen (in a single incident, in 2016 IIRC, and both apparently secured only with flimsy cable locks) and of those, one was recovered undamaged – and since then we’ve also improved the security and layout. The lightweight camping area is ‘shielded’ on three sides by motorist pitches as a further deterrant to thieves. Hope that sets your mind at rest and we look forward to welcoming you in June! All the best, Peter

    1. Hi Caroline, dogs are very welcome 🙂

      Longer answer from the FAQ: “Dogs are permitted in all areas of the York Rally site except for any condoned off areas, including the arena and any other areas from which the general public is excluded and, with exception of assistance dogs, in the marquees or in the vicinity of catering areas. Dogs must be kept under close control and keepers are requested to refrain from using extending leads in all camping, trade/exhibition areas, other circulation areas and designated access routes. All waste from dogs must be disposed of appropriately and certainly not in the recycle bins.”

      Hope that helps – any other questions please just let us know!

    1. Hi James, we all very much hope so but any firm info will have to await a Committee decision and also we need to hear from the Racecourse about which dates they will be having their meetings – the usual schedule may be disrupted. But we will announce details of future events just as soon as we can. All the best, Peter

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