York Rally to return: 20-21 June 2015!

Please excuse the quick update – we had a very productive meeting on Saturday but there’s lots to do. This website will be updated more fully over the next few days with details of the Friends scheme, the Sportive, details of the organising committee and initial plans for the Rally. Meanwhile, thanks to Gary Knighton for this summary as posted to the Friends of York Rally Facebook page:

The York Rally date has been booked for the weekend of 20/21 June  2015. York Rally will need to raise funds. This is being achieved in two  ways.

1 – The Friends of York Rally subscription scheme where there is an annual membership of minimum of £5 plus voluntary additional donation.

2 – The York Rally Grande Classic Sportive. 35, 100 or 140 km from Wigginton, north of York on Sunday 21st September 2014. The latter two follow a similar route to the York Rally’s Ron Kit Sportives. The 35km is a short route appropriate for families

5 Replies to “York Rally to return: 20-21 June 2015!”

  1. Glad to hear the rally back on . Good luck.

    Pleased its to be “York Rally” not York cycle show.

  2. What a bit of good news, to hear the York Rally may start up again, I and a lot of my friends from Middlesbrough will look forward to attending that weekend.

    Great News

    Paul Harvey

  3. You have missed a trick with the TDY and the TDF last year, have visited this event over many years and will so again this year. Congrats on all the hard work those have put in over and above.
    Good effort too all!!

  4. Is just a bike ride rally or are there going to be traders on and you do not say where in York it is being held we have electric bikes as we are in our mid sixties and have arthritis but find cycling helps is there anything for us oldies

    1. Hi Peter, you’ve somehow landed on our very first news item from June 2014, so the details are indeed a bit thin on this page! Try the website homepage at http://www.yorkrally.org and all should become clear. The event is held on the Knavesmire, off Tadcaster Road in York, on the grassy area inside the horse racing circuit. There will indeed be traders – there’s a list on the trade show page of this site. I’ll email you as well in case you don’t see this comment! Would be great to see you at the Rally and you will be very welcome, also good to see electric bikes there as there is plenty of interest in them!

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