York Rally Auction Sale

York Rally Auction 2024

We are pleased to confirm that the York Rally Auction Sale will be back for 2024!

The Auction, which runs in the Lounge tent on Saturday afternoon, is your chance to see what you can make from your unwanted cycling items. Anything cycle-related is welcome – from complete bikes to interesting bits. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday 22 June 2024

  • 12 noon to 2 PM: Seller registration: book in your lots
  • 2 to 3 PM: Viewing:  potential buyers can inspect what’s on offer.
  • 3 PM: The auction starts! It is expected to finish by 5 PM.

Key info for buyers and sellers (please also see the full rules below):

  • This is a cash only sale : we do not have card facilities and cannot accept cheques.
  • Any cycling related item is welcome.
  • There is a £2 fee per lot entered in the auction, payable by the seller in advance. In addition, a 10% sellers fee and 10% buyers fee will apply. So if the hammer price is £100, the buyer will pay £110 and the seller will receive £90. Sellers may set a reserve.

Full auction rules and procedures are shown below:

York Rally Auction Rules

Items accepted for the auction are accepted only on the basis that these conditions have been read and understood by prospective vendors.

  1. Entering items to be auctioned
    • Items entered must be the property of the vendor
    • A £2.00 registration fee is payable for each lot booked in, whether sold or unsold.
    • A 10% commission charge will apply to both vendor and buyer, on all lots sold.
    • Unsold items must be removed from the auction by 7 pm at the latest.
    • The auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any item deemed to be unsuitable.
    • Items can be received and registered for auction between 12:30 pm and 2 pm.
    • Vendors should come prepared with the necessary details for their preferred method of payment if their item sells:
      • Bank transfer: we need sort code, account number, and account holder name
      • PayPal: we need the email address for the account
      • Cheque: we need a name and postal address
  2. Viewing
    • Viewing takes place between 2 pm and 3 pm, after the registration period.
    • Anyone wishing to view a specific items should enlist the help of one of the auction staff, who are on hand for this purpose and will be wearing identification.
  3. The Auction
    • The auction will start at 3 pm.
    • Bids should be made clearly and quickly.
    • Each successful bidder will be given a slip to enable payment for and collection of the item purchased
  4. Payment by successful bidders
    • Payment should be made at the clearly identified payment point adjacent to the auction area.
    • Payment must be made in cash. No cheques or credit/debit card can be accepted.
  5. Collection of purchases by successful bidders
    • Successful bidders can collect their purchases from one of the staff on production of the appropriately marked and receipted bidding slip.
    • All items purchased must be removed from the auction area immediately after the auction.
  6. Payments to successful vendors
    • Payment to vendors for items sold will be made by their preferred method, either bank transfer, PayPal or Cheque, as indicated on the registration slip, within two weeks of the date of the event.

Please note: The event organisers accept no responsibility for any items lost or damaged over the auction activity period.

What happened to the York Lions Club?

The York Lions Club, who assisted with the running of the York Rally Auction for many years, disbanded in 2020 after 62 years of service, in the course of which they raised over £600,000 for local charities. We would like to thank all past members of the York Lions Club for their long history of service and support for the York Rally Auction.