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2015 and 2016 both saw a splendid turnout of clubs with displays and activities! Many thanks to all who took part, and we’ll have more pictures here shortly.

Grassroots cycle clubs, interest groups and the like are warmly invited to exhibit at the 2017 Rally free of charge!

If your club would like to be at the Rally in 2017, please do contact Event Co-Ordinator Paul Reid on 0746 732 1443 or via

2015 York Rally: Photo Liz O'Sullivan
2015 York Rally: Photo Liz O’Sullivan

4 thoughts on “Cycle club information”

  1. I understand that the Touring Cyclists Club are to be present at the 2017 York Rally. Please drop in and talk to them, this is a bold venture by touring cyclists who are establishing a national touring club for cyclists. We currently don’t have one at the moment and the membership rates are extremely reasonable.

  2. The RSF (Rough Stuff Fellowship) Off-Road Cycling Club will be at the 2017 Rally. Please drop in and find out what we are all about at our stand in the marquee. We’ll also be putting on a couple of rides so please join us.

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