Friends of York Rally

The Friends of York Rally is a supporters’ club for everyone who wants to see the Rally return and continue as an annual event. It is:

  • A way for anyone who loves the Rally to support its re-launch and help it stay sustainable as an event.
  • A means to gather contact  details for keen Rally supporters, so that we can keep in touch with updates about the re-launch and subsequent events. We’re producing regular newsletters to keep Friends in touch as the Rally develops.
  • We’ll also be looking at ways to reward membership, in the form perhaps of discounts on badges or the like. This will include:
    • Members will be able to pick up a free show programme at the Rally, which gives free entry to the Saddlebag Sale.
    • And members can also pick up a Friends badge!

The Friends scheme was proposed at the inaugural Rally meeting in 2014 as a way of raising initial funding for the 2015 event. Although the 2015 Rally was a success financially, turning a modest profit, the support of Friends is still invaluable.

Each year, we the total we are aiming for is around £18,000 – considerably lower than the Rally’s budget in previous years, but still a high target for us. Campsite and trade bookings cover the bulk of this, but Friends memberships also help greatly to secure the event’s success.

The committee is clear that every penny counts, and no money can be spent that has not been raised. In this spirit committee members have agreed not to claim expenses (travel,  phones, stationary, postage, etc.). We have also made it clear that there are no ‘freebies’. Any York Rally clothing worn by committee or volunteers will be paid for by them personally. Both committee members and volunteers using the campsite are being asked to book pitches at the same prices as everyone else.

This lets us ensure that evey penny raised goes towards covering the unavoidable costs, including Knavesmire hire, insurance, showers, toilets, security, marquees, first aid, and much more.

Full accounts will be given at every meeting, at which all are welcome to attend. See the ‘Committee’ page for details of the next meeting.

A membership fee of £5 was set at the meeting, but naturally if you are able to contribute more this will be most welcome and much appreciated.

You can either send a cheque through the post or join online:

Send a cheque by post

To join, please download the Friends of York Rally membership form as a PDF or as a Word document and send it to our treasurer Rachel with your cheque. If you can’t download the form, please just include a note with your name, address and a few words to indicate that the cheque is for ‘Friends’ membership.

Please make cheques payable to ‘York Rally’ and send to:

Rachel Thompson
Treasurer, York Rally
c/o 32 Scholemoor Road

Please do also pass a copy of the form on to any friends who might wish to see the Rally return!

Join online

You can also join the Friends of York Rally via a card payment online. Orders are processed securely by Paypal and we do not see any card details ourselves. You will receive an email receipt from our online shop and from Paypal.

Annual membership of the Friends of York Rally:

Friends of York Rally membership (1 year): £5
Friends of York Rally membership (1 year, £5) plus £5 voluntary contribution: £10
Friends of York Rally membership (1 year, £5) plus £15 voluntary contribution: £20
Friends of York Rally membership (1 year, £5) plus £45 voluntary contribution: £50


You can also make a voluntary contribution of any amount – all are much appreciated and will be put to good use. If the amount is over £5 you will automatically receive Friends membership:


Thank you for your support!

16 thoughts on “Friends of York Rally”

  1. Spent many happy times at the York Rally as a child and young adult. Was so disappointed that it was no more. Can’t wait to take my three year old daughter next year!

  2. I might be having a daft moment but are you saying to post my address to you but use paypal for payment? Should I quote the time of payment?

    Do you accept cheque?
    Can I put my details in the comment box before the ‘cart’ starts?
    Do you get you get to see my delivery address I type in the first bit of the cart?


  3. Hi David, not at all, most likely my fault for not making it clearer! I’ll look at re-wording it once I’ve done this reply…

    There are two options:

    – By post: for this download the form (which has the postal address on) and fill it in and send off with a cheque. The address is: Rachel Thompson, York Rally Treasurer, c/o 32 Scholemoor Road, Bradford, BD7 2PD. Please make cheques payable to “York Rally”. No need to involve Paypal at all. Cheques are very welcome 🙂

    – By Paypal: for this you add a contribution to the shopping cart using the buttons above – the screen will then show the cart. You can add comments etc here, but address etc details are requested on the next stage.
    When you are done adding items, click the ‘go to checkout’ button and the screen there will request your name and address. Then when you press ‘continue’ it will go to a confirmation page (no payment taken yet). Then click ‘continue’ again and it’ll take you to Paypal for the actual payment. If you have an account at PayPal you can sign in, or if not just do the card payment without an account. Finally there’ll be a ‘complete’ page, and you’ll receive email confirmation of the transaction.

    Hope that’s all clear – any questions just ask!

    1. I’ve asked the rest of the committee to give the ‘official’ version ASAP but thought I’d best reply at once. Basically I believe the idea is that we’re not spending any money at all until the Rally is definitely going ahead i.e. we have raised enough to cover insurance, venue hire and toilets.

      So if at any point before that it is cancelled, contributions can be returned in full. After that, the Rally is definitely going ahead.

      To date the committee has not spent a penny, quite literally. Any expenses so far have been met as donations by committee members (sportive set-up fee, the banner, postage, leaflets, cards, website hosting etc) so the Rally account has not been touched.

      I suppose strictly speaking there will have been some transaction costs to Paypal which will have come out of the donated total but that’s it.

      Hope that clarifies. Rachel the treasurer can maybe confirm but I believe the total raised to date is now just about into four figures; I’m not sure what the minimum go-ahead target is (we’re waiting on insurance quotes etc) but there’s still a long way to go. The Sportive and (once they’re sorted out) earlybird campsite bookings should get us there, though, we’re pretty sure.

      1. Just to let you know this is still being discussed amongst the committee – we’d definitely like to offer some way for clubs to support the Rally, but it’s not yet clear whether that’s best done via the existing Friends arrangement or not. Thanks for bearing with us!

  4. Had many happy times at York Rally in the past, as a member of Halifax CTC, and later North Yorkshire DA. Recently returned to cycling and was shocked this summer when I tried to find out the date of the rally, to discover that there wasn’t one. It’s great that it’s being revived, and hopefully it will be more like the rally of old rather than the nonsense that it had become last time I attended about 3 or 4 years ago. Good luck to the organisers. Hope to make it there in 2015 and meet up with old friends.

  5. Hi Peter.
    Great that the rally will be back, me and some friends had the alternative rally for 2013 and 2014, which was better than nothing. Do you know if there will be the traditional family entertainment on the Saturday night? We always felt that The Foresters really completed the whole event! If its any help I have a contact email & phone number for Stephen Marshall which I believe are current. If you are interested, let me know & I will email them to you, rather than put them on-site.

    1. Hi Malcolm, thanks! Evening entertainment came up at today’s meeting actually. We really do have to make sure we can pay for our core costs before spending anything on entertainment, but subject to it being affordable (and campsite bookings are going well) I think the idea is indeed to invite the Foresters, although someone said they were pretty much retired now… Pretty sure between us we do have the contact details, but if you could send what you have to too that would be great…

  6. This sounds great!

    My friend and I attended Eroica Brittania last year and are were looking for another ride to attend on our steel bikes as they have made it far too expensive!

    We loved getting out on the old vintage bikes and not having to spend a fortune to do it so this could be an amazing event!

    We would love to come and join. what kind of numbers are you expecting?

    As well as the 100K I like the sound of the pub ride too!!!


    1. Hi Alan, you’re very welcome! We certainly aim to give great value – with free entry, prices start at £0 🙂 Very hard to say re numbers – it’s likely to be several thousand all in, though. There’s always been a very strong contingent of vintage cycles (several vintage cycle clubs attend and put on displays) and gazillions of classic steel frames too – so far there’s no specific ride set up for that but there could be if there was demand – might be worth emailing our Rides Co-ordinator Gary about that – 🙂

  7. ‘Friends of York Rally’ is a really great idea and seems to have worked well. We joined at the 2015 Rally and were truly amazed at the result of that rally, so much like the old rally we used to know so well. We have already booked our places for 2016 and renewed our ‘Friends of York Rally’

    The committee and volunteers have done a tremendous job and are still doing it and have our gratitude for all this.

    Must add that the web site is also fantastic, content is good and use of the site very easy. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Benjamin, many thanks for the kind comments! I’ve passed them on to the rest of the committee too. Look forward to seeing you in June!

  8. I very much enjoyed 2015 but I couldn’t get there in 2016. I’m booking for 2017 now so all being well i will see you all in June.

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