York Rally Sportive – first report and pictures!

Just back from the Sportive! A great turn-out with around 120 riders…

More shortly but for now here’s a quick look at the Sportive HQ (taken as riders returned in early afternoon, so relatively quiet):

and riders as they went past the Sherriff Hutton control where I was based. I’ve included some out of focus or otherwise poor images if they were the only ones showing a rider. If anyone would like their picture removed please just let me know (publicity@yorkrally.org). Equally, if anyone would like the higher quality originals of any of these images (no charge) please just ask. Apologies to all I missed, or indeed to anyone who is in the photos but wasn’t on our Sportive!

I’ve had to split these into batches of 40 to keep the website software happy:

Batch 1:

Batch 2:

Batch 3:

Batch 4: