Urgent call for organising team volunteers

We hope this finds you all well, and that many of you enjoyed some summer cycling despite of the lack of a York Rally this June. After the enforced break, we’re eager to bring the much-loved York Rally back once again.

But we do now need your help.

We need new volunteers on the organising team if we’re to run the next York Rally in June 2022! Please step forward if you can.

The York Rally Committee recently met for first discussions about running the event in 2022. Unfortunately, since the last York Rally in 2019 a number of our key volunteers on the organising committee are no longer available, through health, life events or other commitments.

Without enough people to take on organising/leadership roles to cover all of the essential aspects of the Rally, we cannot run the event safely and sustainably.

The two absolutely key jobs we need new volunteers to cover to secure the Rally are:

(1) Managing campsite bookings

This is the critical admin task which the current team cannot cover for 2022, although we will give any new volunteer full support.

It involves processing website and paper campsite bookings from November onwards. Familiarity with spreadsheets or similar will be needed, and email/phone for handling correspondence.

There should be no need to handle money (except perhaps forwarding occasional cheques to our Treasurer). There is also no need to be based in or near York – we can work remotely but of course you should be intending to come to the Rally!

We need to know that this role is filled by the end of October 2021 for the 2022 Rally to go ahead. To find out more or if you could do this job, please contact Paul Reid ASAP on organiser@yorkrally.org.

(2) Trade co-ordinator

To shadow our current volunteer for 2022, and take over for 2023.

Our current Trade Co-ordinator will retire from the role after the 2022 Rally, if that goes ahead. So a new volunteer is needed ASAP, so that they can learn the ropes for a year before taking over.

This role involves booking in and dealing with exhibitors for the trade show, as well as dealing with contractors for marquees, generators etc. It would suit someone with business experience. Again, there is no need to be in York.

This role really needs to be filled by the end of this year (2021) so that the handover can start ahead of the 2022 event (if it runs).

Unless this role is filled, we will not be able to run a 2023 event. To find out more or if you could do this job, please contact Charlie Hodge ASAP on trade@yorkrally.org.

There are other jobs too which we would like to fill, ranging from selling programmes at the gate to auction cashier to volunteer co-ordinator. Please do contact Paul Reid as above for more details or if you feel you can commit to any of these, or just to indicate willingness to step up in an organising role and to help keep the York Rally running.

If the 2022 York Rally can go ahead, it is likely to be on the weekend of 17-19th June 2022. These dates are still provisional, but please do put them in your diary for now.

We’ll keep everyone informed of any updates, and many thanks in advance to anyone who can make a commitment to help run the next Rally. Together with you, the Rally-goers, we have kept this historic and enjoyable event alive. And now, after the pandemic cancellations, we’d love to see it return again! So please do get in touch if you can help.

Yours in cycling as ever,

The all-volunteer York Rally organising team