Invention Convention

The York Rally 2015 hosted the amazing York International Pedal Powered Invention Convention! Here are some of the highlights of 2015 – bring your most interesting bikes to make it even better next year!

Simon’s ‘Ringo’ pedal powered sound system! See the main picture above. Eager pedallers generated electricity to power the amplifier and speakers!

The superb Pretend Stage! With an eclectic mix of music these bicycle-trailer-based performers wowed the Rally audience, injecting artistic flair and energy:

A huge selection of recumbents and human powered vehicles! This included the ‘Daisy’ record-breaking tandem, brought along by the British Human Power Club.  Also, many traders in recumbents, cargo bikes and more supported the Rally, making it the UK’s greatest gathering for this type of bike!


DIY creations and art bikes!Built your own? Bring it to the Rally!


Plus there was a very popular ride to York’s velodrome including a rare chance to ride it with ‘normal’ bikes:

Are you a pedal inventor, or do you have something interesting to bring? Could you maybe put on an activity, give a talk or do a demo as part of the 2016 Convention? Contact us!

There’s an on site campsite and plenty more going on too, so you can be sure of a fantastic weekend of pedal power!


Ringo at the York Rally 2015. Photo: Pat Douglass
Ringo at the York Rally 2015. Photo: Pat Douglass