Rally cards – spread the word as you ride


Out for a bike ride? Print out some of our York Rally cards and pop them in your wallet before you go, and hand them out to likely Rally-goers you encounter! Or leave a small handful at the counter of your favourite cycling cafe, at a cycle jumble or wherever cyclists gather…

These are business card sized and are designed to be printed in black and white on A4 paper using any printer or photocopier. An A4 sheet will yield 10 cards: get the scissors out to trim them to size.

  • If you can print double sided (perhaps by putting the paper or card through twice) then please use this two page PDF.
  • If you can only print one sided then please use this PDF which is just a single page of 10 cards. You can also use this PDF and fold the cards in two to get the double sided effect (but only five per sheet).
  • If you’d like to get them professionally printed then please upload these two files to your printer: front print PDF and rear print PDF.

I’ll upload new versions after the Sportive has happened!

And many thanks to the artist, who wishes to remain nameless, who kindly sent us the front artwork…