August update: 2016 work starting, website revamp underway…

It’s almost time for the Rally to swing back into action! As you might have suspected, most of us on the committee have been taking a bit of a break to recover over the last few months – although there has been some sterling work done behind the scenes (mainly negotiating with the Council about dates and other matters… but also on the Sportive, just 33 days away now.)

Anyway, we need to get cracking on 2016 soon, and earlier today I finally started work on the Rally website, to restructure it ready to feature the 2016 event :-). More changes are coming soon, to complete empty 2016 pages, give it a new front page, etc., so please bear with us as it fills out. We’ll also have the 2015 badges on sale shortly, and the show programme available as a PDF download.

We’re still waiting to hear some final confirmations about the site but we’re now pretty certain the 2016 dates are 18-19th June 2016. A formal announcement/press releases etc. will follow when the final details are ironed out.

It’s also time to get new artwork underway so we can promote the Rally at the York Festival of Cycling, at our fundraising Sportive, and at the Mildenhall Rally at the end of this month.

Apologies to photo competition entrants – we’ve not yet managed to get the judging done and prizes awarded, but we’re onto it now! Many thanks for all of the excellent entries. They’ll be a huge help as we go on to promote the 2016 Rally.

Once the website is a bit further along we’ll also put together a ‘final report’ on the 2015 Rally – many thanks again to all who supported it!

It was a huge success, financially as well as ‘a good time being had by all’ if we can go by the many lovely, positive reactions we’ve seen and received. We’re now very well placed to make the 2016 event even better…