Reaction and first images up!

We’ve had a wonderful response so far to the photo competition – please do keep them coming until entries close at midnight this Sunday! And feel free to send us your pictures afterwards, too!

As you’ll see from our new page headers, we’re already using many of your wonderful images to promote the Rally.  Normally we’ll caption with photographers names, but we can’t for the headers – right click the image if you’re curious, select ‘view image’ or similar, and the  photographer’s name will be in the image’s file name. Images are loaded at random from the pool, whenever you load a page on this site. Here’s the current set:

Also, we’ve been compiling a collection of social media reactions to the Rally – here’s a selection! I’d best look into some gallery software that’s easier to scroll through…

If you’re featured in either the pictures or these clippings, and you’d rather not be, please just let us know ( and we’ll remove you straight away.