1965 York Rally – anyone remember the Bootie bike?

We have received the following very interesting letter from Brian Conolly, who would be very interested to hear from anyone with further information, or recollections, of the ‘Bootie’ bike which was on show at the 1965 Rally. Click any image above to enlarge. He writes:

Dear York Rally committee,

I’ve sent you some photos from the York Rally in 1965. I hope you find them of interest.

The Warwick University archives sent some photos to me for my web page (http://bootiebike.com/bootie/bootie.htm) on the ‘Bootie’ bicycle (mini cycle with folding bars and seat), and I thought you might be interested in those taken at the Rally.

I was looking for background info on the location of the photos when I bumped into the archive section on your website.

Some of the photos are of a well known cycle touring couple, Wilf and Hilda Corum, demonstrating the Bootie. Others are of a tandem version.

The Bootie was made at the Vickersdale Works, Stanningley, Pudsey from 65 to 73. I’m always looking for more info – maybe some of your old timers know of it and can share their memories for the website.

Best regards
Brian Conolly

Update Feb 2022!

Long-time Rally-goer Roger King has kindly found and scanned in an original Bootie Bike brochure, likely also from the 1965 Rally. Click on the image to enlarge:

1978 York Rally advert scan by Roger King

Please do leave a comment below if you have any information, memories or thoughts on the bike – or email me at publicity@yorkrally.org and I’ll pass any details on to Mr Conolly!

The Bootie bike.Photo: Warwick University Archives, via Brian Conolly.
The Bootie bike.Photo: Warwick University Archives, via Brian Conolly.