The next York Rally Sportive – Spring next year!

Just a quick note as we’ve had a few queries about the York Rally Sportive – which ran successfully in September 2014 and in September 2015.

There will be no York Rally Sportive in September 2016 but we will be running one in Spring next year!

We have an experienced (volunteer) organiser who has stepped up to the task, and the Rally volunteer team is also ready to assist. We are just waiting for the date to be finalised.  It is very likely that the route will be very similar to previous events.

As soon as we have firm details we’ll post those online, and also email all previous York Rally Sportive participants. Thanks for bearing with us!

Riders at the Low Mill feeding station. Photo: Rachel Thompson
Riders at the Low Mill feeding station during the 2015 York Rally Grande Classic Sportive. Photo: Rachel Thompson