Announcing a major new attraction for the York Rally – the Pedal Power Invention Convention!

We’re proud to announce a major new attraction for the Rally, the wonderful Pedal Power Invention Convention!

Gloriously mad, superbly practical, massive fun: pedal powered inventions and devices can be any of those! They’re also almost irresistable to pedallers of all ages: everyone wants a go.

invention jpg - IC side -390x1066We’re bringing all of this excitement, plus the geeky satisfaction of hacker, off grid and DIY engineering culture, to the Rally this year! Organised by a local artist, the Pedal Power Invention Convention will bring new life, sights and sounds (pedal powered naturally) to the Knavesmire.

Subject to Lottery funding, it’ll also go into schools and colleges in the weeks and months before the Rally, inspiring design-and-build activity to spark young minds – and to bring the results together at the Convention for a pedal-powered celebration!

The more serious aspect of the Invention Convention is all about how bikes beyond the diamond frame can be seriously useful. So cargo bikes can transport the Rally’s rubbish. Recumbent trikes can extend a touring life when balance is difficult. Family cycles can transport children to school in safety and comfort. And a pedal generator or tool could be a huge labour saver off-grid – or even a life-saver where mains power is not available.

invention jpg - YR side -390x1066This promises to be the biggest and best gathering of unusual cycles, pedal powered machines, human powered sound systems and cinemas, DIY recumbents, custom cycle choppers and artbikes the UK has ever seen. We don’t yet know how big it will be – but we have the whole of the huge Knavesmire to host it, and the more the merrier!

If you’re coming, check out the main Invention Convention page and do drop a note about what you’re bringing, there or below.  If you’re camping, you’ll need to book a pitch and mention the Convention as the group you’d like to be located with – there should be a fantastic campsite atmosphere, with cycling chat all the way through to 11PM, when all needs to be quiet so that tired pedallers can get their sleep!

Contact the Invention Convention: Phone 07580 770883 or E-mail : or use the form below:

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