Next meeting this Saturday: 4th July 2015

Our next meeting  is to be held downstairs at ‘Your Bike Shed’, Micklegate, York at 10 AM on the 4th July 2015. All are welcome.

We’ll both be looking back at the recent Rally and looking forwards to the Sportive and to the 2016 Rally.

Please note that despite our best efforts we cannot yet, as I write, confirm the 2016 provisional dates – so please don’t book time off or tickets just yet! We’re pushing hard to get the dates confirmed ASAP with the relevant authorities and will announce it here any by email ASAP.

Apologies for the late notice for the meeting, and also lack of website updates since the Rally – several are brewing, but, as is the case too for many of our volunteers, it’s taking our website team a while to recover from the Rally and also to catch up with non-Rally life and work 🙂